Sunday, August 26, 2007

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I started this thing back in January and lost interest in it by February but here I am in the burning heat that is late August in North Texas. Although this is the blog for Blah Blah Gallery it doesn't mean I will always be found sitting quietly behind the curtain. Since my interview last month (thanks to Mike Monk) I have decided to be more out in front. Anyone who knows me personally knows I'm overly opinionated but it makes life go-round for me and it's always been my way. Anyway, more to come from me noggin' in the near future.
We are showing an artist this month who may not be terribly well-known outside of the Flickr community and Austin, Texas in general but you will be hearing more about Jasun Huerta (see image to left.) Jasun sat down to be interviewed by me for BBG, the contents of which will be available soon on this blog and on the September airing of our show.
Also this month we have featured art from the only Flickr by-selection-only art group officially sponsored by Blah Blah Gallery, CARTOON LAND! And we have a link to our Fan site (which is also officially sponsored by anyone can join or post.) The fan site is called Blah Blah Gallery's New Art Movements.
New stuff will be popping up on E bay as well.

Richard Mullins, Director
Blah Blah Gallery

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